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#Kickstarter jet fuels a great idea (E-Paper Watch for iPhone & Android), slashing expectations $7M instead of $100K!

Now I think Apple has to acquire this hardware product, I believe this would be the first ever #Apple #iPad #Kickstarter

Latest #gamification from #googlemaps once upon a time it was called #advergaming , like a good wine; gets better.

got on board with seesmic, linking Ping and it looks so smooth so far, goodjob @seesmic

Serious Game Expo – SGEXPO : Salon du serious games à Lyon #in

Lyon in November might be a good place to check out seriousness of gaming.

"Serious Game Expo welcomes you, November 21-22, 2011 at the Lyon Congress Center - Cité Internationale." 

YouTube launches Canadian video rentals - Business #in - CBC News

after the closing of blockbuster, more options are emerging! Netflix broke the boundaries, it will be interesting to see who else will jump in.

E-Receipts Cut Clutter, Boost Marketing Opportunities : NPR #in

Thanks Mete for this one, that is one deep way to go. I think this should be organized in the benefit of the user, not the brand. Then what will happen is you will have the same clutter of receipts in your mailbox which is not a good place to keep them.  

Cost analysis of iphone4 #in

Amazing to see what happened to nokia and what about others?

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I believe smartphones should start embedding the capability to read QR Codes, but where do you think this functionality should be in?

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